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June 2008

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    We arrived at Krakow airport on time (09.55 local time). The last time we flew from Bristol airport (Jan 2008 to Budapest. Please see my Trip Report ) I managed to set off the alarms at security because I had coins and keys in my pocket. So this time I put all metal objects  into a little plastic bag  - unfortunately the 'Little plastic bag' fell out of my pocket on the aircraft.  We did not notice this until we had passed through customs etc at Krakow airport. Therefore we had  a half an hour wait for the offending article to be retrieved and brought to the lost property office'.   The  time was not wasted as it gave us time to sample a polish beer at the open air Cafe/bar, in the bright morning sunshine.   
     Then it was off to catch the (free) shuttle bus that runs the short distance from the Airport to the Train-station. The cost of getting from airport to the centre of Krakow by public transport was incredibly cheap.

The Market Square, from one of the many Restaurants 

     We had arranged to meet the owner of Studio Nana at 3pm so we had time to have an initial look around  central Krakow.  We easily found the left luggage office at the main Railway Station (located in the 2nd subway, the one with the ticket office).
      Feeling hungry, we had been told that the new shopping complex adjacent to the Station  had a selection of fast food outlets on the top floor.  So having satisfied our hunger we found Market Square on foot (it is very well signposted).
     We had read that Market Square was impressive, indeed we were not disappointed.  The only downside, we found, with the Square was that there was so much going on from morning until late at night, that we spent far too much time lingering over  meals and drinks, when we should have been exploring more of what Krakow had to offer. (But then looking back because we did not explore all of Krakow's delights, we have a good excuse to return.)
     So after a leisurely drink and a quick look around the square, it was time to return to the railway station.   

The Cathedral 

     We had done our homework, bus number 130 would take us from the station to the Studio, but we had no idea where to get off the bus, so we decided to take a taxi. For the price we paid we were very pleased with Studio Nana .  After unpacking we ventured over to the small mini market opposite the studio to buy some basic necessities for breakfast the next morning,  and then on to the nearby kiosk to buy tickets for the bus/tram and off to explore Krakow.
      Back at the market Square whilst  sampling another polish beer, we looked at our list of thing we wanted to do in the 5 days we had in Krakow before heading south to Zakopane. Looking back now on the list we did not get around to most of the things on our list.
                                    Hot air balloon  (Market Square)
     We are not going to give a blow for blow account of the rest of our days in Krakow, but  will list just some of the highlights and recommendations for anyone visiting Krakow for the first time.
  • Market Square - A must see both by day and by night. (food and drink more expensive around the Square but a very good place to 'people watch' and most times a free show).
  • The Cloth Hall in Market square -  Touristy and expensive items, but well worth seeing. 
  • St Mary's Church - The most beautiful church interior we have ever seen (you have to get a permit to take pictures and then you are not allowed to use flash or a tripod, so only buy a permit if you have a lens with F1.8 or better) 
  • All of the old town - also its well worth walking around the park (Planty) that surrounds the old town.
  • The Castle and Cathedral - within walking distance of the old town.

    Krakow is a Photographers paradise (please see my Picture Gallery )

  In our opinion a City with plenty to see but also a City that we found we could relax in. - Returning in December (hopefully) to sample the  Christmas Fair. (please see December 2008 TripReport )

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St Mary's Church

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